Stlying with JavaScript, APIs, and SVGs.

A few examples of ways to style the DOM using JavaScript, animations, and asynchronous JS.




I have experience with CreateJS and Adobe Animate, but the animation on this page is done with Lottie. Lottie was developed by Airbnb, and is a great way to work with animations in React, iOS, Android, or in this case, JSON files with Lottie Web Player.

Style Me!


JS Color Swatch

Example of changing the style of svgs using JavaScript. Click on one of the swatches to chage the color of the micro landing page. This uses a function that loops trough arrays of various colors and changes the svg fill on a click event listener.


Open Weather API

The weather shown on this page was fetched using asynchronous javascript and the Open Weather API. The results are converted to JSON and then displayed on the page using innerHTML.


New Work On Codepen.

I'm usually posting something new on Codepen, be sure to follow me.